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Configuring Plesk SMTP Service

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by sybersnake, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. sybersnake

    sybersnake Guest

    Im using Plesk as a local test server and need to configure the SMTP service to send all requests to my local MS Exchange server.

    Does it use it's own smtp service or the standard windows one? I noticed that plesk didn't request that I install SMTP service before it installed.
  2. gmoody

    gmoody Guest

    Plesk uses the Mailenable SMTP service. You can access the configuration settings to Mailenable SMTP by going to 'start' 'programs' 'mail enable' and then to 'Mailenable Standard'

    This brings up the mmc for mailenable. Expand servers, expand localhost, expand connectors, right click on smtp and the configuration options are there.
  3. sybersnake

    sybersnake Guest

    Under Programs I only have

    Active State ActivePerl
    Admni Tools
    SWoft Plesk
  4. gmoody

    gmoody Guest

    It should be there, but if not try this way. My Computer, C drive (if that is the drive that Plesk is installed in, other wise use that drive letter) Program Files, SWSoft, Plesk, Mail servers, mailenable, bin, mailenable.msc (double click)
  5. SheyW

    SheyW Guest

    Hi !

    How can i be allowed to enter on VPS because when i try to enter as admin it says to log on this remote computer u must be granted the allow log on terminal services right?

    please help me;(