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Cronjob Hell 8.1.0

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by deeltje, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. deeltje

    deeltje Guest

    Maybe not the brightest thread ever, so i hope you all can forgive me for that.

    I've upgrade my Debian PLESK server from 8.0.1 to 8.1.0, as you all wil know; statistics ain't working anymore (they've deleted it out of the cronjobs), i know how to manually update the stats (opt/psa/admin/sbin/statistics) but i like to know how to build a proper cronjob for it.

    I've checked my scheduled tasks in PLESK and found a massive overload of pure nonsense cronjob-directories?:

    I thought the only one that was used, was the 'root'... as you have to be root to do imported cronjobs in the first place.

    I used to have 1 list of cronjobs which did exactly what it said it should do. Now i have a huge amount of directories and most of them are empty!

    Is there anyone that can tell me which directories can be deleted to clean up the place and what cronjobs are needed to run a clean PLESK, cause i've really lost it this time...
  2. GlobalServe

    GlobalServe Basic Pleskian

    Aug 15, 2005
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    Same problem here.