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database crashes periodically (caused by backup-script??)

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by yeploler, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. yeploler

    yeploler Guest


    I've send the following mail to the support... but without further success or a solution...

    I'm having a "slight" problem with plesk.

    My databases (mysql) seem to crash periodically because of the backup-process which is started by plesk automatically every few days. (I tried to de-activate all cronjobs starting those backups, but there must be still one I didn't found) This backup process seems to crash and is causing a high load above normal limits (more than 2.0 etc.) This can go on for a couple of hours, and the process is not coming back to a normal function, the only way to get the databases back online is to kill the process... followed by this kill, a http-perfork process starts and is doing some stuff to get the db back online... (I'm not sure if this process was named like that)

    But after a while the databases get back online, if you previously killed the process which crashed.

    In the forum I was told that this is a know bug and would be fixed with a new plesk version, but I was told that 2 versions before my actual plesk-version. I'm currently using the actual version 7.5.2

    any ideas?

    the plesk support has no =)
    ...the just "think" that somebody "might" work on a fix for this problem.... it's frustrating

    Best regards, loler