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Delete files?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by tomcom, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. tomcom

    tomcom Guest

    I tried to delete files in the filemanager, but retreive this error:
    Datei /httpdocs/abc cannot be removed: filemng rm -rf failed: rm: cannot remove directory

    and also:
    Datei /httpdocs/123/.htaccess kann nicht entfernt werden: filemng rm -rf failed: rm: cannot remove `/home/httpd/vhosts/rd-cad.de/httpdocs/123/.htaccess': Permission denied filemng: Error occured during /bin/rm command.

    Any idea, what this means?
    And at this way, this is not the only folder, i can´t remove...
    But with SSH it´s no problem. Only ftp does not work
  2. etan

    etan Guest

    because the permissions are set incorrectly on the directories you are trying remove possibly ?

    ssh with root access or ssh with normal user access ( the username you are using to login to the ftp with ) ?
  3. tomcom

    tomcom Guest

    Deleted with ssh-root.
    non possible with user-ftp
  4. etan

    etan Guest

    then its a permission problem

    u must have editted or created directories as root user.

    go into the directory

    Depending on your operating system

    chown -R username.psacln *
    ( for linux ) ? correct me if im wrong havent used it for a long time :/


    chown -R username:psacln *

    should set you right.....
  5. tomcom

    tomcom Guest

    OK, I will try that.
    But now the question:
    I have several users on my server. How can they create folders as "root"?
    Can´t I use an ftp-program for publishing? Or an website-editor like netobjects?

    And go in which directory? The vhosts/domain.com ?
    And the operation-system is linux....

    With confixx there were no problems like this!