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Delivered-To Header Problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by waremock, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. waremock

    waremock Guest

    Really hope someone has a solution to this problem.

    Email process in plesk (qmail) will be tagged with a number just before the email address in the email header.


    Return-Path: <m.sheabv@stageone.dk>
    Delivered-To: 8-email@abc.com.sg
    Received: (qmail 18295 invoked by uid 110); 18 May 2004 04:39:24 -0000
    Delivered-To: 8-ip@abc.com.sg

    Where "email@abc.com.sg" is the catch-all box.

    Then a POP3 downloader will collect email from the plesk server to deliver email to the exchange server.

    1) When someone BCC to a user of abc.com.sg, an error of "NO VALID RECIPIENTS FOR MESSAGE" occur.

    2) Same problem when someone send to a mailing list, where a user of abc.com.sg is in the list.

    No problem when To: & CC: field has a valid email address of the recipients.

    So the tagging of a number before the email address in the email header become an invalid email address when it reach another email server like exchange server, thus resulted in mail delivery error.

    I looked at the virtualdomains file and it is listed in therer a Domain:8 I tried to remove the domain and add it to the locals file and it did not work. Anyone has any clue how to fix this.
  2. waremock

    waremock Guest

    Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
  3. sunny_26

    sunny_26 Guest

    i have the same problem. Have you any solution?
    Somebody know, where the Delivered-To is setting?

    Kind regards.
  4. waremock

    waremock Guest

    Here's the deal with this problem. I asked Plesk for a solution to this problem and they have no clue on how to solve it. They said I should try to find the solution myself by contacting Qmail. Also if I find a solution to let them know. When I contacted Qmail, they told me that this was not an original copy of Qmail, they claim that the plesk folks have messed around with it and they refused to answer my questions because of that. So now what?

    I have setup my exchange server so that all of the accounts also have an email Ex. 100-email@domain.com I added the number in front of every email. In the mean time I have installed and I am trying to learn qmail so that hopefully I can find a solution to this problem. I will post any of my findings here.

    If anyone else wants to help me, be my guest please.
  5. jlandes

    jlandes Guest

    Has anyone had any luck on fixing this?
  6. waremock

    waremock Guest

    No luck here. All I've been able to do is a workaround.:(