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/dev/md1 filled up yesterday to 100%

Discussion in 'Plesk 10.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by scottdave, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. scottdave

    scottdave Guest

    Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/md1 3850176 3850160 16 100% /
    /dev/mapper/vg00-usr 14669824 1703772 12966052 12% /usr
    /dev/mapper/vg00-var 56612864 9387608 47225256 17% /var
    4184064 20940 4163124 1% /home
    none 2011720 11692 2000028 1% /tmp
    tmpfs 2011720 0 2011720 0% /usr/local/psa/handlers/before-local
    tmpfs 2011720 0 2011720 0% /usr/local/psa/handlers/before-queue
    tmpfs 2011720 0 2011720 0% /usr/local/psa/handlers/before-remote
    tmpfs 2011720 16 2011704 1% /usr/local/psa/handlers/info
    tmpfs 2011720 0 2011720 0% /usr/local/psa/handlers/spool

    All I did is change one of my domain names on my website to one of my others and I started getting these emails.
    I never increased that volume as nothing seemed to use it until now.

    > Dr.Web (R) update details:
    >> Update server: http://update.us.drweb.com/unix/500
    >> Update has begun at Thu Aug 11 13:00:01 2011
    >> Update has finished at Thu Aug 11 13:00:04 2011
    >> Following files has been updated:
    >> /var/drweb/bases/drwtoday.vdb
    >> /var/drweb/bases/dwntoday.vdb
    >> /var/drweb/bases/dwrtoday.vdb
    >> /var/drweb/updates/timestamp
    now that volume is full.
    I am a basic user have only used ssh a couple of times to resize volumes so if somebody could please explain this to me in easy to understand languange that would be great.
    Regards Scott
  2. scottdave

    scottdave Guest

    left bits out

    This is the latest plesk panel software for linux on centos 5
  3. David Harris

    David Harris Basic Pleskian

    Apr 22, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Pyrenees, France.
    Probably way off track but once I had a problem when my backups limit was set to infinity :) My whole drive was taken up with backups in no time.
  4. scottdave

    scottdave Guest


    Thanks for reply but no checked that and deleted a couple just in case.
    the volume is 4gb never gone up from 1gb then i started getting cron updates from emails first time ever and it filled the drive in one afternoon.
    I have no clue so far.
  5. scottdave

    scottdave Guest

    No help from Parallels then?
  6. scottdave

    scottdave Guest

    Just found out it was the counterstrike module that is part of the plesk panel it didnt work so I deleted it through plesk it obviously didn't move it from the server now its messed the server up.

    Any help?
  7. scottdave

    scottdave Guest

    Case closed 1and1 server dept helped me with it.