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dist-upgrade sarge to etch

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by phreak, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. phreak

    phreak Guest

    i was finally up to upgrade my server from sarge to etch.
    I am using Plesk 8.4

    so i edited my sources.list to

    did "apt-get update" and then "apt-get dist-upgrade"

    but then i get the error:

    E: Couldn't configure pre-depend psa-8.4.0 for psa-api-rpc, probably a dependency cycle.

    in this thread http://forum.swsoft.com/pda/index.php/t-45702.html

    i found this statement:

    but i dont know 1. how to uninstall psa 2. do i have to restore an backup after this or does my webs and dbs stay alive?

    what shall i do now? i am completely lost, besides i am no linux pro. a step by step guide would be highly appreciated.

    thanks in advance,
  2. loopback-martin

    loopback-martin Guest

    We had the same error when we did a dist-upgrade with plesk 8.4. I give no guarantees, but this is how we solved it:

    0. Make sure you have a working backup!
    1. comment out the "deb http://autoinstall.plesk.com/debian/PSA_8.4.0 etch all" line from sources.list
    2. run 'apt-get update'
    3. run 'apt-get dist-upgrade', write down which PSA-packages that will be removed !
    4. Add the "deb http://autoinstall.plesk.com/debian/PSA_8.4.0 etch all" line to sources.list
    5. run 'apt-get update'
    6. run 'apt-get dist-upgrade'
    7. install the PSA packages again ('apt-get install psa-package1 psa-package2 etc etc')

    We did it this way and it worked. The PSA db was intact even though 15-20 PSA packages were removed, and the client data was all there. The issues we had was with xinetd, the PSA scripts couldn't add the lines necessary but it's well described in the text that's shown during the upgrade (I recommend that you log the output to a file in your SSH terminal).

    Good luck!
  3. phreak

    phreak Guest

    Everything worked out perfectly!
    Thanks a lot!