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DNS Server problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Armorfist, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Armorfist

    Armorfist Guest

    Here's my situation:

    I have requested 2 extra ip's for my dedicated server that runs SuSE Linux 10.x with Plesk 8.1 to manage directly my domains creating a name server. After i got the ip's i logued in on Plesk, went to Server - IP addresses, and added the ip's. So far so good. Then, i went to my domain administration thats completely independent from my server, with its own name server etc, and made the following A records:
    ns1.mydomain.com - ip1
    ns2.mydomain.com - ip2
    For primary and secondary servers.
    Also i configured the dns template by going to Plesk - Server - DNS with the necessary NS records for the domain to work. Finally, i went to my domain provider and tried to change the Name server to ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com and it gave me an error saying that the ip i specified is not a name server.
    My question is: is there more i have to do (configure) to have primary and secondary name server running on my dedicated server?

  2. DCoats

    DCoats Guest

    who is your domain registrar?
    most have something to the effect of
    "register dns server"
    "register nameserver"
    "domain hosts"

    select your domain name and then create your ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com there
  3. Armorfist

    Armorfist Guest

    thanks for the response. my domain provider is amen.pt, its a Portuguese based company that registers domains.
    I do have an option that says "register dns server", already proceeded to register ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com. I'm waiting to be applied.

    I have another question, why is this necessary and how is this processed?

    Thanks for your feedback
  4. DCoats

    DCoats Guest