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DNS setup

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by BigBr0thr, May 2, 2005.

  1. BigBr0thr

    BigBr0thr Guest

    I'm currently investigating if plesk is a better solution for me then my current panel, Directadmin.
    After studying the manuals and reading a lot of posts on this forum, 1 thing (yet) is not clear to me.
    After installing Plesk on a spare server i noticed there was nothing to setup DNS. In DirectAdmin (DA) there was a option u could allocate 2 ip's to your DNS-servers.
    How does Plesk handels the default DNS setup ??
    Is the first DNS server on the same ip as your box ?? and how do i add a second ip-adress??
    I played around a littel bit, and followed the advice ive read somewhere to register my DNS-servers with my registar.
    Unfortunate thisone doesnt accept my change because it cant find a valid DNS-server on those ip's.
    Please some advice.

  2. editor

    editor Guest

    see the screenshoot below. It allows you to add ip-numbers as much as you want. I would recommend only to add maximul 255 ip-numbers. After adding 2 ip-numbers, you can run these 2 ip-numbers as your DNS. No other registrars or any other dns-providers are necessary anymore. :)
  3. BigBr0thr

    BigBr0thr Guest

    Thnz, for the reply.
    I dont see any SS, but i think ive found the way to add the ip's.
    But how do i allocate those 2 ip's to the DNS-service with Plesk ??
  4. editor

    editor Guest

    No idea why my screenshoot did not appear here. Well, adding ip-numbers:

    server --> Server Administration --> ip-adresses

    After it, you have added 2 ip-numbers which should become DNS. The final result should be following:


    STEP 1
    So, for the first, go to

    General --> domains ---> mydomainname.tld

    Domains > mydomainname.tld >
    DNS zone for the domain mydomainname.tld is a master DNS server

    Add record type (Add a DNS record)

    ns1.mydomainname.tld. A
    ns2.mydomainname.tld. A
    (Note: There must be a "point" behind the tld!!!)
    (Note: 111.111.111.X is only an example. Use your both different ip-numbers please)

    Save it. This means, that these domainnames

    ns1.mydomainname.tld and

    can be resolved now onto this server-machine. This is one of the most important thing.

    Every other domainname can have now ns1.mydomainname.tld and ns2.mydomainname.tld as DNS. To avoid, that you must always manual type this in each domainname-section, go to your DNS-template.

    Server --> Server Administration --> DNS

    [Add New Records] and it should be there then

    <domain>. NS ns1.mydomainname.tld
    <domain>. NS ns2.mydomainname.tld
    (Note: There must be a "point" behind the tld!!!)

    This means now following: Everytime, if you add a new domainname to your PLESK-server, it will add everytime automatically the

    newdomain.tld. NS ns1.mydomainname.tld
    newdomain.tld. NS ns2.mydomainname.tld

    Everytime, if you register a new domainname, this means, that you can always use just ns1.mydomainname.tld and ns2.mydomainname.tld. The domain-registry is only a database, which should explain a computer, which DNS can resolve a domainname. It knows then, that ns1.mydomainname.tld and ns2.mydomainname.tld must be asked. And ns1.mydomainname.tld and ns2.mydomainname.tld do know very well whats going on with "domainname.tld".