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DNS Zone Transfers between two Servers

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by wintech2003@, May 9, 2006.

  1. wintech2003@

    wintech2003@ Guest

    Hello everybody

    I have two servers, one Windows server with Plesk 7.5 and one Linux (CentOS 4.2) with Plesk 8.0

    The linux server holds my company's domain which for this example is company.com

    On the DNS zone of company.com I have added an ns record for ns2.company.com and an A record for ns2.company.com that points to the Windows servers IP.

    I would like to configure the Linux server (ns1.company.com) to be the master server and the Windows server (ns2.company.com) to be the slave server.

    So when a customer signs up with me, I will give him both ns1 & ns2.company.com as nameservers for his domain, and then will create his account in either server, according to his needs (Windows or Linux).

    What I want is that if I create his account on the Windows server (ns2 which is slave) after some time, the master server (ns1) will get informed about the creation of this zone, and add it also on the master server (ns1) as well as the opposite (if a Linux user is created on the master server, the slave server gets informed too) so that both servers have the same zones and reply for all domains either Windows or Linux based customers.

    Any idea how this can be done?

    How should I configure the master server, and how the slave?

    Do you have any available tutorials for the above setup?