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Domain Aliases

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by MattR@, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. MattR@

    MattR@ Guest

    Hi Everyone,
    Could someone answer a basic question for me, I know I can add domains and user frame forwarding,etc. but is it possible to setup a domain as a complete alias, for example if my user owns domain.com and domain.net and would like domain.net to act as domain.com in every way, accept mail user at both domains the same, etc. is it possible to do this?


  2. tstx

    tstx Guest

    Yes. I do it for several of my clients.
    "Point" domain.net to domain.com and setup mx records to domain.com's ip address. It can all be done with the dns entries on domain.net.
  3. swervin

    swervin Guest

    Is there a way to alias a domain so that is accepts http connections for several domains? For instance, in Apache one can use ServerAlias directive to tell Apache to accept that domainname in the request header. I've got all the domains setup to point www to the same ip on 6.5 but connects from all but the "real" domain complain
    HTTP Error 403.2 - Forbidden: Read access is denied.

    This is from IIS

    The domain has exclusive use of the IP. I know IIS can do named-based serving. What need to be done to allow multiple domains to point to a Plesk 6.5 website?

    No MX stuff needed for aliased domains, just http.

  4. mazeman

    mazeman Guest

    Can you please explain this alittle more?

    Do you create a domain.net DNS record or just add domain.net to the domain.com DNS file?

  5. dwdietz

    dwdietz Guest

    you create 2 domain.


    The domain.com is regular physical hosting

    Create domain1.net and use standard forwarding to http://www.domain1.com

    All there is to it.

    As far as mail goes.. not sure you can do this except by creating mail at domain1.net and redirecting it to comain1.com
  6. mazeman

    mazeman Guest

    Great, thanks!
  7. onaweb

    onaweb Guest

    I set this up a domain as a standard forwarder. I see where it places the extra / at the end of the address. Can anyone explain how to get rid of that? Such as domain.net farwards to domain.com but shows up as domain.net//

    I also have a problem in that I am now receiving e-mail notifications that domain.net is a problem domain in that it is going over its traffic limit.

    Limit has been exceeded on domain 'domain.net' owned by client 'abc' (Contact name 'John Smith'): Disk space usage: 0
    Disk space limit: 0
    Traffic: 3.03 K
    Traffic limit: 0

    How do I take care of this problem? Once I setup the forwarding, there doesn't appear any place to set the traffic limit.

    Thank you,