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Domain name resolving issue

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Windows Issue, Fixes, How-To' started by PhilDrumm, May 22, 2011.

  1. PhilDrumm

    PhilDrumm Guest


    I had a domain successfully hosted as an individual domain yesterday and later deleted it with the intent of turning it into an alias of another existing domain. However, there was still a file being copied into the site's directory when I deleted it, and so plesk deleted all other files and simply suspended the domain (or so it appeared).

    Once the copying file had completed, I then attempted to delete the domain again and this time it was completely removed, all remaining files deleted, and no longer appeared in Plesk.

    I then added the domain as an alias to another, fully functional, domain and it was successfully added to the plesk control panel. However, when attempting to to view the domain it no longer appears to resolve to the server - when attempting a command such as nslookup, it displays the following error: can't find domain.com: server failed

    Doing the same command on the other domain works correctly.

    Checking whois, the name servers for the failing domain are definitely correct, and Plesk shows it as active and all of the IP/DNS settings are correct, but Plesk appears to no longer resolve this domain.

    I have tried removing the alias and re-creating it as a hosted domain and, as above, although it appears to be setup and running in Plesk the domain still continues not to resolve.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. PhilDrumm

    PhilDrumm Guest

    A response to my issue would be gratefully appreciated as this is currently causing issues for my business.
  3. PhilDrumm

    PhilDrumm Guest

    This issue now appears to have worsened.

    Plesk will now no longer load at all. When attempting to log into the control panel, I receive the following error:

    We sorry, we have a temporary problem

    However despite the Plesk Control Panel failing, all of the other hosted websites appear to be functional - which the obvious exception of the alias domain which Plesk is still refusing to host DNS for.

    I would appreciate a response to this as it is now heavily effecting my ability to do business.


    Phil Wells
  4. PhilDrumm

    PhilDrumm Guest

    An update to this issue:

    I have now managed to repair Plesk Panel, but the initial problem where it appears to completely ignore one of my domains is still present.

    The panel must be storing a value for this domain somewhere, is there anyway I can be sure that it has been completely removed so that I can re-apply it?

    Somewhat disappointed that I have not yet gotten a single response to this issue.
  5. GigsH

    GigsH Guest