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Email Generated From Programs on Plesk Server Are Not Being Sent Out

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by aviscat, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. aviscat

    aviscat Guest

    I am using Plesk 7.5.4 on a virtual server (from Godaddy). I have 3 osCommerce sites on different domains installed. These were all working 100% on the previous host but we have moved them to this server to reduce downtime. I also have formmails using CGI on different domains that previously worked on the host. None of these applications send out emails directly from the server to the accounts they should be going to. The email forwarding (@domain.com to @isp.com) works if an email is sent from outside the server to any of these addresses. I found a workaround (or so I thought) where if I forward from Plesk server to a gmail account and then can forward from the gmail to the ISP account. This works for me to get my formmail and for my clients to receive their orders but I am betting that it is possible that the confirmation emails might not be getting to the buyers. One client tried to do a password reset and never got the email. I just tried it on another cart still on the previous host but when I tried on the server I got nothing and the password was changed. I also got an order update from the old host and I am sure that people aren't getting these either. So far the clients haven't noticed and I was able to work around the password issue by deleting the customer and asking them to sign up again. Eventually the client will catch on and ask and I would rather fix it before he does.

    When I set the email to forward to a webmail address such as @yahoo. com or @gmail.com the email goes there. It just doesn't go to my regular ISP email. Some of the clients use AOL, Comcast and SBCGlobal. Any ideas?

    Actually now I am not getting some emails that are being forwarded to the gmail accounts in the gmail accounts. My server is able to send emails to my ISP using the Plesk Backup program. I have noticed recently that these notification emails are delayed in arriving - some for several hours and some not appearing at all.

    Bottom line is that emails sent from the server don't get out to the intended recipient. I will need some hand holding so please be as explicit as you can when trying to help me. I can be trained.