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email redirection problems

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by advisornet, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. advisornet

    advisornet Guest

    On my old server, I was able to forward all messages from one email to another, and the original message was sent to the secondary email address not just a copy.

    With the Plesk system, it seems that while I can redirect mail from one email account to another, it seems that Plesk only forwards a COPY of the message and it leave the original in the inbox of whatever email account that the message was originally sent.

    Does anyone know how to change this functionality so that when I choose to redirect mail from one account to another, the original mail is sent and not just a copy?

  2. somethingelse

    somethingelse Guest

    same problem... i think

    have a client using a redirect... and on monday it apparently stopped working - she's received no email since monday morning... (it's tuesday afternoon now) but there are apparently 2800+ emails sitting up on the server, many that should have been delivered long ago... so i don't know if they're copies, or just were never redirected...

    but this is bad. and i can't find anywhere in any manual what to look for as a cause of this problem.

    won't be happy if i lose a client over this.
  3. advisornet

    advisornet Guest

    Redirect feature on Plesk 7.5

    Hello somethingelse,

    I figured out the problem with the redirect situation on my Plesk server.

    If someone enables a "Redirect" on their email account, a copy of every messages will be redirected BUT the originals remain on the server as long as the mailbox is turned ON.

    This functionality is for those people who want copies of messages forwarded to mobile device but who also want copies downloaded to their main computer.

    So to prevent email messages from accumulating in a user MailBox while they are using the Redirect feature, make sure that they turn their Mailbox OFF.

    Your client's redirect has probably stopped working because the 2800+ emails in her inbox have caused her to exceed the storage quota and so new messages are not probably bouncing back to her users instead of being forwarded.