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Error removing domains

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by zeropresence, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. zeropresence

    zeropresence Guest

    Windows 2003 Standard Edition
    Plesk 7.0.1 with add-on pack

    When trying to remove a domain, this error appears

    Unable to remove domains: problem occured while removing domains: unable to turn off: domainmng failed: run-time error: execute ftpmng --remove-vhost" --vhost-name=finacialinfocenter.com" failed error 1332 at lookupaccountname: no mapping between account and security IDs was done.
  2. crexweb

    crexweb Guest

    Check your IIS server - I'm betting the domain has been deleted there, but not in Plesk.

    If the domain isn't there (you'll have to dig into the servers directory where plesk puts them) then re-create the domain in IIS (not plesk). Make sure it's in the correct directory. Then go back into plesk and attempt to delete the domain then.
  3. brundle

    brundle Guest

    Any resolution to this?

    I am getting the same error, however the sites in IIS and directory structures still exist and yet Plesk still won't remove them.
  4. brundle

    brundle Guest


    Removing the domain through Plesk seems to work if the site is stopped through IIS first - Plesk is having troubles stopping the site first.

    I am also having trouble stopping the site directly in IIS - not sure if it is an IIS only thing or something Plesk caused, affected - although I've never really had troubles stopping sites before.
  5. Nivahost

    Nivahost Guest


    Just go ahead and remove the domain (user) directly from the PSA Database.

  6. mali

    mali Guest

    can you tell me in detail how domain User is deleted directly from Plesk Database.