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eth manipulations

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by next-step, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. next-step

    next-step Guest

    Subj: how to change eth?

    I have 2 IP addresses for the server and got main IP address blacklisted somewhy.

    Please explain, is it possible to change eth in the qmail to use second IP for outgoing emails,

    or whats best way to solve the problem?

  2. redrage

    redrage Guest

    you've been blacklisted for a reason. Your best bet is to find out why you where blacklisted and get removed if you can.

    Some RBL's require you pay a fee to get delisted even if it is for a bogus reason. Some are rather large fees into the hundreds of dollars and others are just a few bucks.

    Most reputable sysadmins will not use those RBL's for production use. because they would not pay $500 for 5 minutes of work, why should they force other too? in short, you should really worry about these ones too much.

    sorry got off track but the steps are

    find out who your listed with
    find out why your listed
    correct the problem (if needed)
    ask to be delisted.

    here is a site to help you find who your listed with: DnsStuff

    Good luck
  3. next-step

    next-step Guest

    entire subnet of my general IP address is blacklisted be cause of (quote) "carders/hackers support by provider". so I have not chance others way than order second clear IP address...
    also you right - some of these stupid systems trying to get money and I'd not pay for this kind of things.
    I suppose its easy to change general eth interface than solve all these problems