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Event-Manager: write vhost.conf upon (Sub-) Domain-Creation

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by TorbenB, May 28, 2009.

  1. TorbenB

    TorbenB Guest


    I tried to create a vhost.conf upon creating an new domain or subdomain.

    Below is an example of handling the creation of a new subdomain, which I need to do the following:
    1. create Folder "conf" for Subdomain
    2. write Directives for open_basedir into "conf/vhost.conf"
    3. TEST: write same to a temporary File (/tmp/eventLog.txt)

    When I create a subdomain the following happens:
    - no vhost.conf is written
    - the first to outputs are written to some file called "/tmp/eventLog.txt?"
    - "</Directory>" is written correctly to "/tmp/eventLog.txt"

    Would be great if someone has an idea or a solution :)


    Event: Sudomain-Creation
    Priority: 0
    User: root


    mkdir "/srv/www/vhosts/${NEW_DOMAIN_NAME}/subdomains/${NEW_SUBDOMAIN_NAME}/conf"
    echo "<Directory /srv/www/vhosts/${NEW_DOMAIN_NAME}/subdomains/${NEW_SUBDOMAIN_NAME}/httpdocs>" >> /srv/www/vhosts/${NEW_DOMAIN_NAME}/subdomains/${NEW_SUBDOMAIN_NAME}/conf/vhost.conf
    echo " php_admin_value open_basedir \"/srv/www/vhosts/${NEW_DOMAIN_NAME}/subdomains/${NEW_SUBDOMAIN_NAME}/httpdocs:/srv/www/public:/tmp\"" >> /srv/www/vhosts/${NEW_DOMAIN_NAME}/subdomains/${NEW_SUBDOMAIN_NAME}/conf/vhost.conf
    echo "</Directory>" >> /srv/www/vhosts/${NEW_DOMAIN_NAME}/subdomains/${NEW_SUBDOMAIN_NAME}/conf/vhost.conf

    echo "<Directory /srv/www/vhosts/${NEW_DOMAIN_NAME}/subdomains/${NEW_SUBDOMAIN_NAME}/httpdocs>" >> /tmp/eventLog.txt
    echo " php_admin_value open_basedir \"/srv/www/vhosts/${NEW_DOMAIN_NAME}/subdomains/${NEW_SUBDOMAIN_NAME}/httpdocs:/srv/www/public:/tmp\"" >> /tmp/eventLog.txt
    echo "</Directory>" >> /tmp/eventLog.txt