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Explination of current Domain report

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by croosie, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. croosie

    croosie Guest

    Please can someone explain the current plesk domain report.
    I know it seems a trivial question, but my understanding of pop and smtp may be incorrect then.
    I understand that "pop" is incomming email used ( for the client ), and "smtp" is outgoing used.

    please can someone more knowledgable than me explain why there is both "in and "out" for both pop and smtp, and which one i should be billing my client for.

    Domain Total Used Limit Available Used (in %)
    domain.com 934.23 MB 200.00 MB 0.00 MB 467.1%

    Service Used In Out % of All
    FTP 0.00 MB 0.00 MB 0.00 MB 0%

    HTTP 0.14 MB 0.01 MB 0.13 MB 0%

    POP3/IMAP 374.56 MB 0.57 MB 373.99 MB 40.1%

    SMTP 559.53 MB 526.23 MB 33.31 MB 59.9%


    Kirwin Paulsen :)

    4 Services total
  2. kpisman

    kpisman Guest

    From standpoint of server:

    OUT of POP3 is what clients receive.
    OUT of SMTP is what clients send + special bounce messages (delivery failure notifications, etc)
    IN of POP3 is in general communications overhead
    IN of SMTP is in general summ of what client mailboxes receive from network and ~OUT of SMTP due to messages sent by clients are accepted for further delivery to other servers via SMTP too.

    Billing IN of SMTP is maybe strange, due to most of that input is mostly a spam messages. In your case there is ~140MbB of ~520MB which are either not yet retrieved by POP3, or was rejected by server after retrieval (mostly because they are spam).