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firewall resets every night MySql Port 3306

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by rstackhouse, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. rstackhouse

    rstackhouse Guest

    I keep setting the firewall for mysql port 3306 to be "allowed" each evening -- and test it and it works.

    Using plesk 8.0.1

    Then the next morning, I come back to check it and its closed down again.

    I'm pretty sure I activate the firewall and everything.

    (I searched but didnt find anything, probably missed it)

    Oh.. let me clarify too.. I'm able to connect--> I've got mysql set up right...
    I've got my.cnf set up right, i can access it via "telnet machine 3306" for example.. as well as via navigant..

    its just the next day its gone.. I also go in and redo the firewall and it works again for a day...

    2nd time its happened.

    Please help! Thanks
  2. rstackhouse

    rstackhouse Guest


    well.. it happened again last night

    Anybody have any ideas?
  3. pdreissen

    pdreissen Guest

    I think we need some aditional info here:

    1) Are you using plesk firewall ?
    2) Why in the hell do you want Mysql available on the outside of you fw, are you aware that there are some security issues with this ?

  4. rstackhouse

    rstackhouse Guest

    I have the plesk firewall (which is blocking the access by some reset which is being done each night)

    I have multiple servers that need to access the same database.

    I guess my plan was to have the firewall only allow the machines that need to access the database as well as having accounts in mysql that are based on IP for the particular database.

    Isn't that pretty common?
  5. rstackhouse

    rstackhouse Guest

    Still a problem

    My port opening still happens every night.

    Some how the firewall isn't using my instructions-- its resetting them each night

    Anybody seen this?

    Where is the info stored?

  6. rstackhouse

    rstackhouse Guest

    suggestion didn't work

    I tried this but it didn't work.

    /etc/init.d/iptables save

    Does anybody have any other suggestions?

  7. killedar

    killedar Guest

    having the same problem

    I am having the same problem, albit a bit differently. It reset the firewall setting after restarting/rebooting. so if I don't reboot/restart then it stays same. But have to update it after every reboot.

    Anybody figured this out?
  8. StinkyVp

    StinkyVp Guest

    Similar issue

    After every night the next morning I can't get to any of my sites except for the main one. If I go and do anything in the firewall configuration and activate it everything starts working. I can make any adjustment in there. I doesn't matter all I have to do is basically run the activate button and everything starts working. I don't get it.
    I'm thinking about removing the module as I have everything set to allow anyway.

    Any suggestions??

  9. killedar

    killedar Guest

    solution that worked for me

    My host provider gave this solution.
    /etc/sysconfig/iptables is the file used everytime you reboot or restart. Your firewall configuration need to be stored in this file. My provider did it for me to dump current in memory configuation so don't know exact command but it shows it was generated by iptables-save.