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Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by HisNibs, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. HisNibs

    HisNibs Guest

    I am new to Plesk and have never seen the setup for FrontPage done like it is done.

    I am sharing an ip to several FrontPage users. However, there are no individual FrontPage properties for the domains in IIS.

    This is bizaar to me. I have always been able to share an ip and have FrontPage sites with unique domain administration access.

    I suppose I am not understanding how Plesk manages FrontPage, but none of my users can access their sites with FrontPage. Well...none of the shared users. I can access everysite with my admin or client id. The actual FTP/Frontpage ids for the domain don't work.

    One of my clients says it works intermittently, but I cannot access his site with his id and password.

    They all can access the Admin pages via Plesk, then again there are no options to add users or send invitations. From the main administrator log in seems to be the only way I can get people setup to access FrontPage sites.

    I'm humbled enough to say I am overlooking something, but not sure what.

    Any help out there?
  2. jz1977

    jz1977 Guest

    sign into plesk user or admin and click on the domain from the list and then click on FP-WebAdmin under Hosting. it will ask you to for authorization. there type in the users or admin info. (this wil bring you to the users preferences of Front page extention by the username account. ) then just change the FPE setting and Apply your changes.

    Each user account will get their own FPE administrations page. They have to set it up to fully take advantage of FPE

    I beleive this only applies to win2k3 not to forsure about Win2k FPE settings. but here is an exaple like i just pulled of my browser. it looks something like this but subtitue the domains in this link to work for you.


    Hope this helps any..

  3. HisNibs

    HisNibs Guest

    Same Thing

    thanks, but... Still does not let me in as the appropriate user.

    The majority of my users are FP users.
    Lets say I set up a domain on a shared ip.
    When I access IIS I see a list of IP addresses.
    When I open the shared IP address in IIS I can see the various domains that are there.
    None of these domains, when clicking Properties have access to or options for FP.
    This is totally strange to me. I have run FP extensions since they were owned by Vermeer on WebSite Pro and IIS and I always was able to set up permissions and mail and etc for each unique domain.

    Each domain should have all the access options that is given for each ip.

    This is where I think I am missing it. Let's say ip is a shared ip. There are 10 domain names attached to this ip. Currently, only the ip address has all the access I am used to via properties in IIS.

    The domains are listed under the ip as virtual directories and zero access to FP in properties. So you can't set the SMTP server, for instance to the unique domain name.

    This is weird to me. If a Domain user has a FP form that is set to mail via their mail sever::: UNIQUEDOMAIN MAIL.DOMAIN.COM, how do you accomplish this via Plesk? The domain user does not have access, nor are the options available.

    The only thing I can think of is to put all FP users on unique ips. (Which sucks)

    and I'm stuck. (I'm working another job and can't get the time to sort thru this in one or two sittings)

    Thanks for the response: Keep 'em coming.