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FTP user.. where are you??

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by xandi_hostert, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. xandi_hostert

    xandi_hostert Guest


    My FTP Server came down! The user that can access anymmously disappeared!

    the user can be find in Computer management, at the users folder.
    The name of the user is MSFTP_xxxxxxx
    This user points to one IP of machine and participates of one group that points to the same IP. You can view this user at the folder of FTP at C:\inetpub\vhosts\Servers\folder_of_IP

    My question is:

    The user of this group disappeared... How can I find or create he?!

    Please... suggestions! :(
  2. Gris@

    Gris@ Guest

    you can create users by usermng utility
    You can get information for creating users(logins, passwords, homedir) from psa database from hosting and sys_users tables
  3. xandi_hostert

    xandi_hostert Guest

    Thanks for reply! :)

    It will help me some day.. but now, the user that I need to recreate isn't an client and yes a system user... MSFTP_0000xxxx

    where can I find it?
    I already create a user and linked this to all places, but doesn't work...