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Full Plesk Server Back Up

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Windows Issue, Fixes, How-To' started by Ayo Adesina, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Ayo Adesina

    Ayo Adesina Guest

    Hello this is my first post on parallels and hopefully some one out there will be able to help or I am going to be in deep ****!

    OK this is my problem:

    I have got a webserver with Windows Server 2003 with Plesk 9.2

    What I wanted to do was back up ALL DATA for websites e-mail, Databases the lot and then format my server install windows server 2008 and plesk 9.2 and restore all the data.

    So what I did was go to back up manager and used it to make a full back up of the server. That took a about an hour and it worked fine as far as I know (No errors) then when I click on server repository under back up manager I can see the back up file that was created and it is 4.08GB which is good becuase that is pretty much the same size as all the data that makes up all the websites on the server.

    When I try and click on the download icon to get the back up file on to my local computer, nothing happens for about 5 mins then, a dowload starts but the file size is around 3MB now that is not all of my data.

    The next thing that happend is that my C: on the server started getting full, now I have 40MB free, I have worked out
    C:\Plesk\tmp is taking up all the space and it is full up with zip files called dum824.tmp.zip dum825.tmp.zip dum826.tmp.zip ect

    I don't know why plesk is creating these files but most of them are 4.0GB in size, when you try and open any of them windows say they are currupt. can I delete them?

    The next thing that I want to ask is under C:\Plesk\Backup I seem to have the back up files that I want there are a few zip files and folders that have the file name of the backup I specified when I did the back up through the plesk interface and the C:\Plesk\Backup folder is 4.8GB this is the same size that the plesk control panel is telling me the server back up was. So I have desiced to be on the safe side and download the whole folder on my computer via remote desk top.

    Does any one know FOR A FACT how I can use these files to restore the server after a fresh installation of windows.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP i will be in big trouble if this server dies and it is acting very strangly

    as for Parallels...they have been no help really I followed what they told me to do by the letter when I bought a support per incedint from them and I can't get through on the phone and have had no replies to the e-mails that I have sent (it has been about 3 hours, maybe I should wait longer)

    Well if any one can give me any information about backing up a WHOLE SERVER all the domains all the settings e-mails I would be very greatfull.

    I have 125 domains 6 reseellers this will be a lot of **** to sort out a lot of the websits use databases!...I need to back them up to and I cant do it one by one!

    By the way I have full access to the server over remote desktop as admin and full access as a admin to the plesk control panel via the web interface.