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Gene6FTP - login or password incorrect

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by pl3sk141, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. pl3sk141

    pl3sk141 Guest

    Hi there..

    Using Gene6 FTP with Plesk, and when clients attempt to connect using FTP client, they get

    530 Login or Password incorrect.

    User was created in Plesk under

    Physical hosting setup page for domain > Ftp/Microsoft FrontPage Login.

    Username and password have been verified to work on the system, but won't connect via FTP.

    Help would be appreciated,
  2. matija

    matija Guest

    Double check... big/small letters...

    Username is domain login (eg. domain.com or domain without suffix, or whatever you entered manually) and password is set in Plesk -> Domains -> domain.com -> Setup -> "New FTP/Microsoft FrontPage password / Confirm Password" (username for FTP is above this field).

    Also, confirm that Gene FTP server is default FTP server in Plesk -> Server -> Components Management -> FTP Server
  3. pl3sk141

    pl3sk141 Guest

    Yes, everything you mentioned is correct and has been checked over many times.

    What I noticed is that if Gene6 is set in Plesk, I get the error about username and password, and if I change Plesk to use Microsoft IIS FTP server, I get the error that permissions are not sufficient on the home directory.