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God not again

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by mirage@, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. mirage@

    mirage@ Guest

    Once again I am sitting in the hellhole called plesk upgrade. How can migrating from one plesk version to the same plesk version NOT work well?

    We just migrated a plesk 8.11 to another server with plesk 8.11. None of the mysql based sites are working well.(Tables report that they are crashed. Mail is not working. Qmail works for a few minutes then dies and we start getting the dreaded 'there is no mail box by that name.'. We reinstall qmail, horde, all psa related email programs. It runs ok, delivers one or two mails and craps out again. Install and reinstall of qmail and so on and so forth. We have been going on this for more than a week without success. We have lost every single client on this box. Before I loose my mind, does anyone have any idea or know a solution to get these problems resolved.?

    All ports are open in the firewall. In fact I took the firewall down when I was at the end of my rope.
  2. lazy@

    lazy@ Guest

    Did you try repairing the psa tables using:
    REPAIR TABLE table_name
  3. mirage@

    mirage@ Guest

    Hi lazy, thanks for replying. I did a repair of all the tables in all the databases including the psa database.

    (#5.1.1)Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. (#5.1.1)
    Its so strange! I redirected one of the emails to another email account on another server and emails to that account is received. So why is my server not recognizing the mail boxes; Everything was working until the migration.
  4. NoMoJo

    NoMoJo Guest

    Same problem here. I'm using CentOS, PSA installed from ART's Yum channel.

    Executing this:

    service psa stopall
    service psa start
    service clamd restart
    service spamassassin restart
    /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/mchk --with-spam
    "fixes" the problem for "a while". Put it in a cron to make my phone stop ringing, but that's obviously not a real solution.

  5. mirage@

    mirage@ Guest

    Oh I solved it by moving what was left of my clients after 3 weeks of battling with that ****, to Directadmin control panel. I will have a party when I do a rpm -e psa
  6. NoMoJo

    NoMoJo Guest

    After a bit of digging I traced this to a "qmail" file in /etc/cron.hourly. My other Plesk box (also 8.1.1) doesn't have this file. I moved "qmail" out of /etc/cron.hourly and it's been working ever since (12 hours and counting)

    Here's what is in /etc/cron.hourly/qmail

    set -e
    cd /var/qmail/users
    test -s assign -a -s cdb  && \
    qmail-pw2u </etc/passwd >assign && \

    Does anybody know what is doing ? Googling qmail-pw2u and qmail-newu indicate that it's doing something with passwords. Is it necessary? Can it be removed without doing damage elsewhere?