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HELP! Upgrading to Plesk 8.0

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by creativevision, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. creativevision

    creativevision Guest

    I need help. I am paying for a dedicated server with www.aplus.net

    In the past, i have always had aplus.net upgrade my Plesk software to the newest version, because i have no clue as to how to do it. They swear up and down that they would have never did that unless it was paid support, and i paid $150 per hour. I told them they always upgraded my server for free because the issues i have had with the Plesk software working properly.

    Aplus.net website clearly states they will provide FREE managed services including free installs, upgrades, and patches. Now they want $150 per hour to do these tasks and dont care what their website says. False advertising!


    I want to upgrade my Plesk software to the new Plesk 8.0 version. My server is running 7.5.4. When i login to the control panel, go to Server, then Updater, I get this error message =

    Error: You are using FreeBSD 5.4, but autoinstaller was compiled for FreeBSD 5.3. Exiting autoinstaller. .

    Aplus.net told me that i updated my server and caused this problem, in which i did not do so. Why ask a customer to perform brain surgery when they are not a doctor? That is what they are asking me to do, and updating the Plesk Software is not something anyone can do, especially when 130 business websites and 800 email accounts are on the line.

    Aplus.net is now demanding that i pay them $150 per hour x 4-6 hours to backup components of the software, DB's, hostings, etc, they will delete the software, do a fresh install, and then i have to go in and upload each domain manually, or something like that.

    I am stuck. I cannot upgrade to Plesk 8.0. And aplus.,net is wanting $600+ to do this, costs more than the software itself.

    Can anyone provide feedback and let me know if aplus.net is providing me with accurate information or are they full of BS trying to get more money out of me, and alot of $$$$.

    Also, they caused the problem and did not do the previos upgrades properly causing this issue on the updater=

    "Error: You are using FreeBSD 5.4, but autoinstaller was compiled for FreeBSD 5.3. Exiting autoinstaller. ."

    Is their an easier way to fix this and get me Plesk 8.0????

    Thank you for your help.
  2. NightStorm

    NightStorm Guest

    It sounds like they're screwing you over harshly. Yes they are a Managed Hosting company, but there is a line between responsable and pathetic... they have crossed it.
    I HIGHLY suggest getting hosting from elsewhere, and then running a migration of sites off the box they are renting you, before they decide to get ambitious and wipe it whether you give the thumbs up or not.
    Professionalism is definately not their strong point, if that is what they are telling you.
  3. Highland

    Highland Guest

    Here's my $0.02 FWIW

    A-plus sounds like a typical hosting company. What typically happens is you find kind-hearted tech who does the upgrade for free. Months later, after he's long gone, you find by-the-book tech in his place who says "We don't do that unless you pay us first" because that's what his bosses have told him to say. I can't say that I totally blame him, tho. If he does the upgrade and hoses your server he's got to spend hours and hours fixing something he was trying to do as a favor for a customer. You can get fired for such folly (and the company can be sued if you lose your data). So it leaves you scratching your head and him in a secure job.

    Here's my suggestion to you if you're wanting to move hosts and move to Plesk 8

    1. Get a new Plesk server somewhere (1and1 isn't bad) and have them load it with Plesk 8.
    2. Use the Plesk migration manager to move your sites onto the new server. You'll run into far fewer issues this way and you don't have to risk losing your data or hosing the server in mid-upgrade.
    3. Update your DNS settings to use the new IPs for your domains with your registrar. This effectively moves your sites to the new server.
    4. Once moved and running on the new server, cancel your aplus service.