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Horde Ingo, qmail, spamassassin, procmail

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by dkarlovi, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. dkarlovi

    dkarlovi Guest

    Finally got this combo working, it was more difficult then I hoped for. I've setup two global shared IMAP folders (IsSpam and NotSpam) in which my users can move/copy wrongly tagged mails by SA which has a central filter, then a cron job pipes it to sa-learn and we all benefit. This was the easy part.

    The hard part was to get my tagged mails filtered, default Ingo (that's the webmail's filter-making plugin) doesn't filter on mail arrival but when you click on Apply filters, which isn't all that hot solution, I wanted it on delivery which is more natural.

    So, if you want Ingo to write your .procmailrc file, you have to setup an FTP server (I used PureFTPd), write an external auth script for it, setup Ingo to use it and to generate the file with right permissions and such. The final problem is to actually get Qmail to use .procmailrc and not deliver directly, you have to modify user's .qmail, disable direct delivery and or forward and use procmail to do it.

    Here are some helpful URLs:

    And hints:
    - QMail also comes with maildirmake (in /var/qmail/bin), DON'T use it, use /usr/bin/maildirmake instead
    - you'll need the ftp extauth script (with a small C program) to incorporate it with QMail/Courier, I'll upload it shortly
    - you need to create a file /etc/courier-imap/maildirshared which contains:
    (it's easy to overlook)

    If there are any questions, shoot while it's still fresh. :)
  2. dkarlovi

    dkarlovi Guest

  3. dkarlovi

    dkarlovi Guest

    PureFTPd is setup so it can be accessed only locally, from
  4. Hal9000

    Hal9000 Guest

    right, i realized this only afterwards. good solution, will try to set it up in the next days, but with maildrop instead of procmail :)
  5. dkarlovi

    dkarlovi Guest

    As long as Ingo can make a maildrop recipe, there's no difference what you use. :) I've been using this setup ever since I posted the original message, it works so well that it should get included in Plesk itself, IMHO.