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Horde webmail

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by chainy, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. chainy

    chainy Guest

    ok it seems i have a lot of questions to post here! i have a problem with the horde webmail, is this a standard part of plesk or is it an add-on you have to purchase. it's all installed and in control panel i push icon webmail and i get page cannot be found 404 from iis6. When i typ url webmail.domain.com in browser i dont get any thing just an error message that webmail.domain.com cannot bet found. is this because you have to have the proffesional edtion of mailenable. because when i do the test on mail enabel i get waring that iis is not configured right refer to documentation for pro edit or enterpise edit. i only purchased the 30 domain liecence with tomcat support. could some body help me out on this dont want to waste more time if the reason is it wont work because of l dont have the add-on or you have to upgrade mail enable that is if this has any thing to do with horde. any help would be brillient. thanks
  2. carlswart

    carlswart Guest

    As far as memory serves, you do not need to buy an addon packages to get webmail working.

    Horde/IMP runs out-of -the-box on our Plesk 7.5.0 installation on Mail Enable 1.8 Standard Edition.

    If you have to use 'UebiMiau lightweight webmail' you have to purchase the Application Pack.
  3. chainy

    chainy Guest

    Thanks carlswat
    i must have a porblem then, there is no way i can access anything form the browser with url's in the fashion of webmail.domainname.com and if i browse the fiie locally from IIS i can view the login page but when i log in i just get a blank page with nothing on it. with the url's do you think this is a dns porblem and if so do you know what the problem maybe. I would be gratefull for any help.i can send and retrieve email through email client ok no porblem there. Thanks.
  4. Lenman

    Lenman Guest

    I am experiencing the same issue. If anyone can shed some light on this one it woul be appreciated.

  5. webbit

    webbit Guest

    Webmail Problem Possible Cause/Fix

    I experienced something similar to what you describe and tracked it down to what I think was most likely a permissions problem with user rights (allow login locally) I think.

    After I fixed the permissions everything was fine but a quick check in the IIS manager - check the properties of WEBMAIL and make sure that the host header for your site is added to the list.

    If it's not on the list then webmail won't work for that site, and it will appear to function like a DNS problem or broken link.

  6. chainy

    chainy Guest


    Hi all
    well it turned out to be a dns problem! One big dns porblem in fact, once i sorted the dns problem out it eliminated all the problems i have been haveing with plesk. For any one new to servers and dns they left out the fundimental things that are needed for your plesk installation to work in the documentation. i.e. nameservers basically if you don't create an ns.yourdomain.com
    and register these with your domain host , then change your nameserver on your host and use the ones you just registerd
    then change the default set up for dns for the website by inserting the new nameserver records in the dns BINGO! it all works.
    I found although the documentaion is adaquatly laid out for the basic use of the features, in plesk, it falls well short of explaning in detail exactly what the person with no experiance as the documentation say's will be able to install and run it with out running into these sort of porblems, if it does not explain it in detail what is needed.