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How can i use IMail with Plesk

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by masif74, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. masif74

    masif74 Guest

    Hello All,

    I just installed pleask 7 for windows but i am not satisfied with mailenable, So i want to use IMail with PLesk as its Mail client( all my somain clients can use IMail as their mail server for webmail too )..

    Is there any way to interconnect IMail 8.01 with Plesk................

    Thanks ..........
  2. swissmerlin

    swissmerlin Guest


    Unfortunately not. I think tons of IMail Admin's are waiting for this.

    I can't understand, why sw-soft is ignoring a such popular mail server .

    The integration of IMail could be very simple to implement, since a complete API for IMail is available.

    In a professional environment, mail server must never be installed on the same server as HTTP and other services. So, IMail is able to be managed remotely via the API.

    The same is also true for Ipswitch FTP_Server. Not everybody likes MS FTP ;-).

    Maybe its time to ask sw-soft again, how the future of plesk might look.
  3. silversurfer

    silversurfer Guest

    Is Imail and Plesk 7 for Windows not possible?
  4. swissmerlin

    swissmerlin Guest

    No. IMail can not administrated with plesk
  5. robtbs

    robtbs Guest

    Plesk need to sort themselves out,
    im moving everything over on all my servers to helm next month.

    sick to death of MSFTP