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"How do I" buy it

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by renis, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. renis

    renis Guest

    This has never happend to me with any online shop before. regnow.com is the worst processor i have ever seen.

    1. Albania didn't exist in country list (looking that in country list exist Afghanistan, i don't understand why Albania does not exist)
    2. Form "security" check your IP country (and not only... maybe US state also)...!!! First time to see this...
    3. First time in my life to see a paypal payment not going throgh, with a reason: "No reason at all"
    4. Phone called regnow and after sometime (some money spend for international phone call) and some bla bla bla, operator said: "You can pay by cheque or Money Order..." What a nice joke.

    I really don't understand swsoft. Why they continue to use regsoft. Why they don't use their own processor for online ordering.

    Unfortunately, i didn't found version 7.5 at any reseller. Found only 7.0 but i want 7.5 :(
  2. renis

    renis Guest

    The story continues. This is their email response:

    Dear Tirana,

    Unfortunately, US Embargo laws prohibit us from accepting orders from
    your country. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

    If we can be of further assistance, please reply to this message. When
    replying, please be sure to include this and any other pertinent
    correspondence in your message.

    Stephanie C.
    RegNow! Customer Service
    Case ID:12523710

    Original Message Follows:

    Customer ID: 1138304763-26957-226551
    Subject: Order Question
    Email: renis.cerga@ariosolutions.com
    I'm trying to purchase a product (PLESK), but my country does not exist
    in country list list. It's a little bit strange...
    Renis Cerga
    Tirana, Albania
  3. renis

    renis Guest

    Of course this response was sent by a drunk person (looking that he write Mr. Tirana, taking that for my last name, practically not reading my message)
    But anyway, my name is not important. For the first time i was informed that exist an Embargo Law from US against Albania... wow.... what a bomb.
    Strange... I pay 3 dedicated servers every month, buy commercial components every week, domains every day... but, properly Regnow has discovered that exist a law that does not allow this.

    After this joke i have no other way. Sent a fax directly to swsoft with my data.

    Lets see if this law really exist. lol
  4. renis

    renis Guest

    Finally I got the license directly from swsoft after sending my data via fax.
    Thx swsoft!!!

    I really hope not to hear any more the name "regnow".