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How do I COMPLETELY remove Plesk?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by robg, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. robg

    robg Guest

    I'd like to completely remove Plesk 7.0 Trial and everything it installed.

    I have used the uninstall utility with Plesk, and deleted C:\inetpub as well as C:\Program Files\SW Soft.

    I thought this was completely removed, but when I reinstalled it and entered the setup page - 'admin' and the pw 'setup' didnt work, but the OLD password I setup myself before deleting worked... so not everything was removed. How can I do this?

  2. Maxx

    Maxx Guest

    In order to remove completely you must also remove Plesk from the registry. This is by no means an easy task. It will not allow you to remove it at all from the registry unless you give yourself full permissions to do so in each area that the registry file is located in.

    The keys were very hard to remove and I think Plesk is at total fault with this issue. They need to allow the program to be removed when the user wants it removed. I have had to re-install Plesk at least 7 times due to so many peoblems and issues with merging it with IIS and the program thus forcing a clean install each time.

    The first time or two I didn't know that it wouldnt completely remove itself until I went to the registry and tried to remove it.

    That opened up more problems with the permissions file. Once past that though you can then cleanly reinstall the program.

    But you MUST remove it that way in order to be able to do a fresh uninstall.

    BAD PLESK!! BAD DOG!!! For taking over our computers and refusing our requests to leave when we want you to leave.

  3. Mertz

    Mertz Guest

    If by "trial" you mean "beta" or "RC1" you shouldn't have put it on production equipment you can't afford to format clean. The beta readme files warned us explicitly not to put this on production equipment as if anyone with any experience with testing software needed any warning. :)

    If by trial you mean "I didn't enter a key" you don't have to re-install Plesk at all, you just need to get a key and register it with the current Plesk installation you have.