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How do I forward DNS?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by zboyblue, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. zboyblue

    zboyblue Guest

    I have a domain on my Plesk 6 box that I want to use on my new Plesk 7.5 Server. The registrar has the old Plesk 6 box as the DNS server for the domain so I need to do something there to "forward" the request over to the new server.

    I tried what I thought would work and it is not working for mail but it is for web. When I try to send a message to the mail account on the new server it does not show up but is not rejected either!

    I turned off mail, turned off the hosting, and changed all references to the Plesk 6 IP to the IP of the Plesk 7.5 box. What have I missed? Is there a better or easier way to do this?

    All this is just so I can test the new server with a live domain. Once I am satisfied with the new box I will actually move the domains over and change the DNS server with the registrar.

  2. CBiLL

    CBiLL Guest

    The nameserver of your domain need to be updated with the new box's ip address ..


    You will have to take your old box offline and move it's ip address to the new box ..


    If your manging your own nameserver with the same box then at your domain registery (where you purchase your domain name from) you will need to input it that it also a nameserver and enter the ip address of your new box in the domain name profile.

  3. zboyblue

    zboyblue Guest

    Thank you for your answers.

    I want to leave things as they are right now until I am finished testing the server. Once I finish I want to move all the domains to the new server and forward the dns to the new server and then make the change with the registrar. Once the change is in effect I can bring the old server down and turn it off.

    Right now I am trying to test how this will work correctly and until a few minutes ago I was not having a lot of sucess. After I posted the first message about this I continued to look in the forum and found where someone said they had to restart qmail before it would work. I tried that and now if I send a message from my old server to the new server it will make it but if I send a message from somewhere else (like hotmail) it will not make it through.

    While I was typing that last sentence I realized that my firewall is blocking all traffic to the new server so DUH!

    Once I get that resolved I should be in good shape.

    Thanks for your reply!!