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How do I Start DNS Server?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by hogana, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. hogana

    hogana Guest

    I am trying to get the name servers to recognize a new site.

    I followed the instructions on creating the template and creating the custom name servers at GoDaddy.

    I then went into the domain and associated the IP address with the domain.

    Still nothing.., after 4 days I still can't resolve the name servers. Then I went into the services panel and noticed that the DNS Server isn't started. I've tried clicking on every link that says Start Service but I still have the red circle for this service. It does tell me that the action performed correctly but I still can't resolve the named servers.

    Since this is my first time using PLESK I'm a little at a loss.

    What am I doing wrong?
  2. hogana

    hogana Guest

    Lets try again

    Ok.., I'm going to ask this again.

    The DNS service in PLESK is not working.

    How do I turn it on?

    I can't get the DNS to resolve...
  3. pcsurgery

    pcsurgery Guest

    have you using plesk dns or windows dns server
  4. hogana

    hogana Guest


    I was able to find the solution.

    This forum was of absolutly no help...
  5. pcsurgery

    pcsurgery Guest

    its a shame, lots of peopl eon this forum view posts but dont actually reply.
  6. ramsri

    ramsri Guest

    Same issue

    Hi Hogana,
    Can I know the solution please. Either I'm having the same issue. I to created name servers but unable to figure it out. whenever I type it goes to the default page and ask me to configure. Please reply asap. Thanks in advance.
  7. tiramisu

    tiramisu Guest

    if you post here found solution, it will be great for those who will face it in future.
  8. sergius

    sergius Golden Pleskian

    Nov 6, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Absolutely agree.
    Also it would be good to give us feedback when we provide solution.
  9. ShatterGhost

    ShatterGhost Guest

    I have the same problem, it has to be a pretty easy solution though so I will post back when I find an answer.
  10. Hedgren

    Hedgren Guest

    I guess Hogana was misled by the red circle in the Plesk services management -- indeed, when you have it red, it is actually saying the service is already running, and the red circle is simply a button for stopping it if needed.
    Going further, we can only guess what the problem was, but here are some ideas that come up.

    Sometimes you find a dns server component is not configured in Plesk: it maybe in "Dns server is switched off" state if you browse plesk CP.> Server > Components Management > DNS server (click):
    Select default DNS Server component:
    DNS Server *
    BIND DNS Server 9.4.1
    Microsoft DNS Server (not installed)
    Simple DNS Plus (not installed)
    DNS service is switched off
    So, you may need to set Plesk for using the Bind DNS Server to resolve your domain.

    In case if you intended to work with Microsoft DNS server, there is this article http://kb.swsoft.com/en/1135 which might be helpful.

    If you were going to set your Plesk server to be a name server and the hosting server (at the same time), you can follow such steps:
    - make sure necessary DNS service was.installed during Plesk installation,
    - register name server in your registrar (contact your registrar for more info),
    - make sure that this service is running in Server->Service Management and Server->Component Management
    - apply 'whois' command to check the domain's nameservers now:
    > whois domain.name.tld | grep -A 2 'Name servers'

    Hope this helps a bit.
  11. ramsri

    ramsri Guest

    Hi All,
    Thanks for the clear explanation. Hope this will be helpful for someone like me face this kind of issue.

    Thanks again for everyone.