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How to allow external connections???

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by canton, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. canton

    canton Guest

    Hi all

    How do i allow external connections for me to connect to my MtSQL databases (specs - FC4 Plesk 8)

  2. Roosta21

    Roosta21 Guest

    mysql (on a plesk install) runs on port 3306, so make sure that port is open.. you can is check this by running nmap (you ip) from the root directory of a different server.

    Then simply go into plesk click > database servers > new database and input ip address and pass etc..
  3. canton

    canton Guest

    thank you. I found out that my virtual server by default doesnt allow external connections.

    But my hosting company gave me these instructions to enable permission. Big problem is when i get to section 5 of the instructions, i get the error in shell "command not found".

    :) :)I must say that my hosting company hasn't been helpful as the technical staff doesnt have a clue so your help would be greatly appreciated
  4. raulica

    raulica Guest

    Actually you received the right instructions for your problem. You may also check that your firewall ( if you have any ) doesn't block INPUT connections to port 3306.
  5. NightStorm

    NightStorm Guest

    Step 5 is correct, but I think you might have misread it. All you should be typing in is:
    mysql -u admin -pXXXXXX
    where XXXXXX is replaced by your Plesk Admin password.
  6. canton

    canton Guest

    what a newbe mistake. i did missread it. will tell you how i go later when i have a chance.

    thanks again
  7. canton

    canton Guest

    it worked i can now use my external software to connect :) but i now have a major problem. my script on my website that is using that database cant connect now. Its as if if given permission for me to be able to access it but not my local site. This is the error that my script gave me on the website.


    SQL error: Access denied for user 'user_name'@'**.***.***.***' (using password: YES)
    SQL error code:
    Date: Saturday 20th of January 2007 04:29:18 AM


    what could i do to change this?