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How-to (suggestion) - unable to delete subscription if Tomcat is not installed

Discussion in 'Plesk 11.x for Linux' started by MislavO, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. MislavO

    MislavO Regular Pleskian

    Jul 20, 2012
    Likes Received:
    Hello, this is How-to / suggestion / question topic related about how to delete subscription if Tomcat is not installed (configurated) in your plesk.

    I've faced today a problem with deletion of subscription on one of my servers running Plesk. Subscription itself was suspended, but however client/admin (me) was still receiving emails and I wanted to delete this subscription.

    First problem I've faced when i wanted to delete it:
    - I agreed with the terms and I wanted to delete it, but deletion failed with error which was not displayed in the Panel (it was red, but message was empty)
    - however deletion process removed web hosting from my domain
    - then I went to google it what is this, and I've found this:
    - although I didn't have time to read all this, I knew it's connected with the users
    - I went to the user panel, clicked on the tab "Users" - there i saw "Domain Administrator" user, which i deleted

    After I've deleted this user, I was no longer getting above message, but subscription failed again after I tried to delete it (again red message in Plesk, but no message). I've found following error in:
    # tail -500 /var/log/sw-cp-server/error_log

    On this server there is no licence for tomcat (Power Pack) and tomcat is not configurated.
    My question: why is domain itself created with tomcat "support" if there is no licence/it's not configured? This should be applied on the website only if the service plan has permission for tomcat. Correct me if I'am wrong...

    Anyway, I've manage to delete domain name in the end and this is what I've done:
    - answer #3 - you have to go in the MySQL -> select "psa" database -> select table "DomainServices" -> remove "tomcat" line associated with your domain ID that is giving you trouble
    - you can find your domain ID when you enter user panel -> click "Websites & Domains" -> scroll down, click on domain name and check URL - you will see the address like this:
    - this id in example, 26 is your domain ID and you will have to remove tomcat line where column "dom_id" is that number
    - if you are not familiar with MySQL and you're scared not to do something wrong, you can do everything through phpmyadmin
    - this will open phpmyadmin and repeat the steps mentioned above (find psa database, select table "DomainServices" and so on....)

    After you've completed this steps, you will be able to remove your subscription without any problems.