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How to turn off Plesk for web site traffic?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by RusselHarvey, May 12, 2005.

  1. RusselHarvey

    RusselHarvey Guest

    On a Windows 2003 with Plesk, even though IIS hosts the web sites, Plesk must have manipulate the http header so web request will go to a designated web site according to its domain name.

    Unless a web site has an exclusive IP or a shared IP has chosen this web as default, Web request to a IP site won't find the target site but hit Plesk "default" page.

    I have a requirement to allow web site assigned to multiple IP address, then web request to these IP address with different domain names (one for each IP) all hit this web site. The only way I can achieve this is to configure IIS web site for "all unassigned IP" instead of a given IP (I would have to change it on IIS). Since in this case, the web site is not tight to any "exclusive" or "shared" IP, with Plesk in place to translate incoming web traffice, web request has to go through Plesk to resolve domain name before it can find the target site, thus in this case will not find the target site so to speak.

    I like to use Plesk to add domain/client/IP and manage everything, but is it possbile to just turn off this one function that has something to do with translating incoming web traffice on behalf of IIS and resolving domain name?