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How upload with proper user/group permissions ?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by gallilaw, May 1, 2005.

  1. gallilaw

    gallilaw Guest

    I have a site on another system and cannot use Plesk's transfer function. The old site has a number of perl and cgi applications including a shopping cart.

    Assume I have set up a new domain on Plesk -- call it plesksite.com -- and I want to upload all of my old files and scripts up to the new directory structure on plesksite.com. Using the Plesk domain-level file manager would take forever.

    I have used SecureFTP in the past to upload files to my old system using my old site's webadmin user logon. Everything worked fine.

    Plesk, however, has unique user/group permission requirements, that may or may not vary from domain to domain. The Admin guide doesn't say anything about these.

    Please tell me in the most basic way possible, step by step, what I have to do in order to upload my old directories and files, so that in cgi-bin and elsewhere the user and group permissions will be set on plesksite.com.

    If I have to do anything DIFFERENT for every domain I establish, please tell me that as well.

    BTW -- when I look at a cgi file in the Plesk file manager, it reports the user/group as roger_one/psacln.

    But when I look at the same file in SecureFTP, the user/group is 1003/1001.

    Why do they appear differently in the file manager and FTP application?

    Is the number 1003 assigned to the specific domain -- plesksite.comm?

    If I use an FTP program, should I logon to the site using the username 1003? And if so, how do I know what password to use?

    Is there any user guide where these issues are clarified?