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httpd not working anymore after update

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by nunor, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. nunor

    nunor Guest

    After using the plesk auto updater httpd is not working anymore.

    httpd service is running no no webpage can be displayed.

    the installed updates are

    /PSA_7.5.3/rpm_FedoraCore_2/base/psa-api-common-7.5.3-fc2.build75050602.16.noarch.rpm - updated older package psa-api-common
    /PSA_7.5.3/rpm_FedoraCore_2/base/psa-api-cli-7.5.3-fc2.build75050602.16.noarch.rpm - updated older package psa-api-cli
    /PSA_7.5.3/rpm_FedoraCore_2/opt/api/psa-agent-1.3.4-75050602.16.noarch.rpm - updated older package psa-agent
    /PSA_7.5.3/rpm_FedoraCore_2/opt/api/psa-api-rpc-7.5.3-fc2.build75050602.16.noarch.rpm - updated older package psa-api-rpc
    /PSA_7.5.3/rpm_FedoraCore_2/opt/api/psa-api-rpc-doc-7.5.3-fc2.build75050602.16.noarch.rpm - updated older package psa-api-rpc-doc
    /PSA_7.5.3/rpm_FedoraCore_2/opt/api/psa-api-rpc-protocol-7.5.3-fc2.build75050602.16.noarch.rpm - updated older package psa-api-rpc-protocol
    /PSA_7.5.3/rpm_FedoraCore_2/opt/sitebuilder/Sitebuilder-1.1.1-fc2.build050529.16.i386.rpm - installed

    I already restarted httpd & rebooted the machine but without sucess.

    Anyone knows a solution? Can I undo that update?

    Many thanks. I have a lot of sites on that machine and all are down :mad:
  2. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Did you try to restart httpd via the command line? What happens? Any error messages?
  3. nunor

    nunor Guest

    Yes via the command line:

    [root@braveheart root]# service httpd restart
    Stopping httpd: [ OK ]
    Starting httpd: [ OK ]

    webpages still not working. However the plesk admin page & plesk stats are working ...

    Is there any possibility to rollback the updates?
  4. nunor

    nunor Guest

    I just searched around in the forums and I found following post


    I did the following:
    In /etc/php.ini I commented out the following line

    And now everyithing is working again. But the question is why is Plesk update adding this line at the end of the php.ini