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'information in 2 business days'

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by pigeon, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. pigeon

    pigeon Guest

    first of all, sorry for posting this issue here, this is the product we've paid for, and i've found no other suitable topic.

    does anyone else find it intresting how 'product delivery' is handled ? _AFTER_ you pay for your software, you are prompted to wait '2 business days' .. for what ? a download link ? pathetic. the money? gone the instant you placed your order. if i were sceptical, i'd might be forced to think this is to keep people from complaning at their banks after *a very very sad failed attempt to purchase anything* to deny the transfer.. (there is probably nothing you can do about it past the first 48hrs..) .. seeing ghosts ? might be .. just too familiar .. 'been there, done that'

    .. anyway, i hope this is all in my mind guys ..
  2. webadmin

    webadmin Guest

    Order Process

    Final order fulfillment through our online store (at this time) does require manual review do to the extreme daily fraud experienced by SWsoft. It appears that this is not just a problem in the US but Worldwide and it seriously hinders our ability to deliver Commercial Licenses for our products instantly.

    However, we attach a temporary fully functioning license to the confirmation email sent to every online purchaser of SiteBuilder. Check your email and your filters... this may have been removed.

    As much as we wish the online world was as simple as picking up a box in a computer store and paying at the cash register it is not. For this "2 business days" is not unreasonable.

    All one has to do is ask and we will do everything we can to assist a customer.

    Best regards!