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install / license error - help!

Discussion in 'Customer&Business Manager (formerly Plesk Billing)' started by PPNSteve, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. PPNSteve

    PPNSteve Guest


    New install of old v4.4.x - with a current, owned license.

    who can we contact to get this fixed? anyone have any ideas on what needs tobe done to solve this issue?

    HELP! This is holding up the whole show.
  2. PPNSteve

    PPNSteve Guest

    found the solution IF you can regenerate your license key.. I mean if regenerating it works..

    Now you need to manually load the license key by following the four steps below:

    a. Login to the License Center

    b. Copy the license key data to a local file named "newkey.php"

    c. Upload the newkey.php file to your ModernBill root directory in ASCII mode

    d. Login to ModernBill and you will notice the new key being loaded into your database

    e. Delete the newkey.php file and your new license is ready-to-go

    7. Login to your system and test accordingly.