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Install Problems

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Andi1976, May 21, 2005.

  1. Andi1976

    Andi1976 Guest

    Hello, I wanted to update 6,5,2 to 7.0.3, however with the error message fatal error. Enclosed the excerpt from the installation log file:

    === Logging started: 21.05.2005 04:17:35 ===
    Action 04:17:35: INSTALL.
    Action start 04:17:35: INSTALL.
    Action 04:17:35: WiseStartup.
    Action start 04:17:35: WiseStartup.
    Action 04:17:36: Startup. Extracting temporary binaries...
    Startup: New
    Startup: Music
    Startup: Up
    Startup: Icon
    Startup: Complete
    Startup: Typical
    Startup: Custom
    Startup: Info
    Startup: side_finish
    Startup: top16
    Startup: side16
    Startup: Callwisepatch
    Startup: trash1
    Startup: CD
    Startup: WiseCustomCall
    Startup: Calldllcontainer
    Startup: Callwiseapi
    Startup: Callmailenablestandard1
    Startup: Callmailenablestandard2
    Startup: Calljakartatomcat5.0.19
    Startup: Callsql2000kb8154958.00.0818enu3
    Startup: Calljakartatomcat5.0.191
    Startup: _45896B73_6AEE_4FF5_9553_B11C3ADFCBF8.vbs
    Startup: WiseScriptDll
    Action ended 04:17:36: WiseStartup. Return value 1.
    Action 04:17:36: Setup_Dialog.
    Action start 04:17:36: Setup_Dialog.
    Info 2898. MSSansSerif8, MS Sans Serif, 1
    Info 2898. Arial14, Arial, 1
    Info 2898. Arial10, Arial, 1
    Action 04:17:36: Setup_Dialog. Dialog created
    Action ended 04:17:36: Setup_Dialog. Return value 1.
    Action 04:17:36: FindRelatedProducts. Searching for related applications
    Action start 04:17:36: FindRelatedProducts.
    Action ended 04:17:36: FindRelatedProducts. Return value 1.
    Action 04:17:36: AppSearch. Searching for installed applications...
    Action start 04:17:36: AppSearch.
    AppSearch: Property: MAILENABLE_INSTALLDIR
    Signature: AppReg2
    AppSearch: Property: VIRTUALHOSTSHOME
    Signature: AppReg
    AppSearch: Property: PLESK65_INSTALLDIR
    Signature: AppReg5
    AppSearch: Property: CRON_INSTALLED
    Signature: AppComp2
    AppSearch: Property: JDK_UNINSTALL_STRING
    Signature: AppReg1
    AppSearch: Property: MAILENABLE_DATADIR
    Signature: AppReg3
    Signature: AppReg4
    AppSearch: Property: CRON_FILE_INSTALLED
    Signature: AppFile1
    AppSearch: Property: MSDE_NOT_COMPLETED
    Signature: AppReg6
    Action ended 04:17:37: AppSearch. Return value 1.
    Action 04:17:37: LaunchConditions. Evaluating launch conditions...
    Action start 04:17:37: LaunchConditions.
    Action ended 04:17:37: LaunchConditions. Return value 1.
    Action 04:17:37: ValidateProductID.
    Action start 04:17:37: ValidateProductID.
    Action ended 04:17:37: ValidateProductID. Return value 1.
    Action 04:17:37: CostInitialize. Computing space requirements...
    Action start 04:17:37: CostInitialize.
    Action ended 04:17:37: CostInitialize. Return value 1.
    Action 04:17:37: FileCost. Computing space requirements...
    Action start 04:17:37: FileCost.
    Action ended 04:17:37: FileCost. Return value 1.
    Action 04:17:37: IsolateComponents.
    Action start 04:17:37: IsolateComponents.
    Action ended 04:17:37: IsolateComponents. Return value 1.
    Action 04:17:37: InstallPleskUtilities_system. Installing Plesk setup files
    Action start 04:17:37: InstallPleskUtilities_system.
    Action ended 04:17:40: InstallPleskUtilities_system. Return value 1.
    Action 04:17:40: Initialize. Check conditions
    Action start 04:17:40: Initialize.
    Action ended 04:17:50: Initialize. Return value 3.
    Action 04:17:50: Fatal_Error.
    Action start 04:17:50: Fatal_Error.
    Action 04:17:50: Fatal_Error. Dialog created
    Action 04:28:11: WiseCleanup.
    Action start 04:28:11: WiseCleanup.
    Action ended 04:28:11: WiseCleanup. Return value 1.
    Action ended 04:28:11: Fatal_Error. Return value 2.
    Action ended 04:28:11: INSTALL. Return value 3.
    === Logging stopped: 21.05.2005 04:28:11 ===
    MSI (c) (E8:88) [04:28:11:875]: Product: Plesk 7.0 for Microsoft Windows -- Installation operation failed.

    Who can help me in addition. The operating system is Windows 2000 Advance servers with all necessary requirements.

    Thank you Andreas