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Installing / Configuring Horde-Vacation Plugin

Discussion in 'Plesk 10.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by DanielSte, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. DanielSte

    DanielSte Guest


    I need to make vacation functionality available for QMail-Users from Horde-Webmailer. Therefore I installed the Vacation Plugin from the Official Horde Website and included it in the Horde-Configuration.

    Then I logged into Horde as Admin and found the Vacation Settings Dialog for the first time (It was bugged in Plesk 9). Now I'm having some problems with configuring the authentication settings for vacation.

    The Plesk Driver does not seem to work and I didn't find out how to configure the Database-Auth correctly. So there's just the "FTP for qmail compliant..." left. Somehow it seems to work but I keep getting permission problems it seems.

    I am able to authenticate with the mail-user-account but when I want to set or delete the vacation-message, it says (translated from german):

    The VFS-File ".qmail" could not be renamed.
    Your vacation message is currently activated.

    Now I don't know where it is actually looking for those file. Does it want to rename the .qmail settings file inside the users maildir?

    I need help please. I really need this feature and it was one of the reasons to update to plesk10. please don't tell me it's still bugged or not working as intended after several years. That'd be a bad joke....I really would like to use the Plesk-Driver and not setup FTP Accounts for every user.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Daniel Stefanovski

    Daniel Stefanovski Guest

    Ok, is the problem that Vacation is 3rd party or do you generally not care about your paying customers? Since nearly 3 years I have been working with Plesk (not that i chose to do so) and the only help I ever got was from the community. Whenever I have the choice I will not buy from parallels again. The product isn't worth it and your support just isn't there...You don't even care about fixing old bugs or even remove features because you can't get them right. The bugged default installation in Ubuntu is a joke too. Did you even try to install your latest product on ubuntu server? I can't understand why anyone would leave the bind9 bug as it is which prevents the installation process...Only explanation is you just don't care....
  3. Porky62

    Porky62 Guest

    I followed the instructions at this link and they worked for me? Maybe give that a shot and see if it works for you.