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Installing plesk 7.6 using command line

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by antoine, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. antoine

    antoine Guest


    I'm trying to install plesk 7.6 using command line to automate the installation. Installing 7.5.6 worked nicely.
    I've followed plesk's installation guide:

    However, I'm having problems with the 7.6 version.
    - Site builder won't install even with the proper install variable and dependencies. I've installed an SQL Server 2005 Express Edition required by site builder. Problem is, although the instance works, I haven't found a way to tell the site builder installation to use a specific instance and sa password. Is there a variable for that?
    - I've also noticed Plesk doesn't seem to use by default the Mysql plesk database. Is there a command line variable to ask plesk installation to use mysql plesk database by default?

    Here is the command I've tried using so far:
    msiexec /passive /norestart /i plesk_7.6_build060529.21.msi SETVHOSTSDIR=f:\users DATABASE_DATADIR=f:\data MSDE_INSTALLDIR=f:\data ADDLOCAL=Additional,Acronis,AcronisEnterpriseServer,AcronisImageAgent,AcronisManagementConsole,AntiVirus,AWStats,BackupSystems,bbClone,Bind,CommerceSK,CommunitySK,DatabaseServers,Documentation,DNSServers,DNSSupport,DrWeb,Expand,FTPSupport,gtChat,JDK,KasperskyAV,MailEnable,MailServers,Mambo,MerakSupport,MSDNSSupport,MySQL,MySQLODBC,osCommerce,Perl,PDFDoc,HTMLDoc,PHP,PhpMyAdmin,phpBB,phpBook,PleskAppVaults,Python,SpamAssassin,PortalSK,postNuke,ReportsSK,SiteBuilder,StarterKits,Statistics,TimeTrackerSK,Tomcat,Uebimiau,Webalizer,WebMail

    All other packages are installed and integrated into plesk correctly.

    Does anyone have an idea on how to solve these issues?