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LDAP - Getting started.... Heeelllppp!!!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by aernative, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. aernative

    aernative Guest

    I am running Plesk 7.5 Reloaded, latest version, patched etc... On FC2.

    I am trying to get a simple LDAP server running on this server. Looking at the servers file system i find reminants of what appears to be openldap. So i went to openldap.org to check out how to configure it - no point re-building if its already implimented...

    in the folder - /etc/openldap i find a file ldap.conf, which was not quite what i was expecting when reading through the quick start quide on openldap.org as there should have been a slapd.conf here....

    Ok - assuming that ldap.conf if the file to edit i tried a simple conf in there, I then looked for the commands to start "SLAPD" as explained in the openldap quick start and came up against a dead end...

    Can someone clear this ip for me - how can i get LDAP running on this server? Do i need to configure and build my own install? I notice many referances to LDAP in the psa file system so surely it can be managed there?

    A search for LDAP returns the following on my system (note i have omitted many results for calrity but this should give a good impression of the layout)-

    locate slapd ->

    locate ldap ->
  2. mian

    mian Guest