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Login automatically

Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by Nono, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Nono

    Nono Guest


    I have my own control panel and my client's have to log in to access it. So when they access the sitebuilder wizard, I'd like they don't have to connect a second time (in sitebuilder's login page this time). I know who is connected, his username and his password. Is there a way to connect him automatically ?


  2. James Drew

    James Drew Guest

    Solution: 1: Create restore point and take registry backup.
    2: Delete all temp files.
    3: Delete all unwanted software's and security software's from add/remove program.
    4: Disable all unwanted services from startup and then remove from registry.
    5: Reset internet explorer and then register all .dll files.
    6: Scan with spyware removal,hijackthis and trojon removal.
    7: Check windows update if found and then download and install.
    8: Restart the computer.
    9: Login and check mark enable remember password.
  3. Nono

    Nono Guest

    Thanks replying my question so fast, but this is not was I was searching for...
    I know the login and password of the client and when he click on a link, I want to connect him to the sitebuilder so he don't has to do it himself.

    Anyway, I found the solution when reading the code samples for the second time, the first time I didn't saw this part of code ^^
    This is what I was searching for :

    'to the login page
    page = getSitebuilderURL() & "/Login.aspx"

    'to the control panel page
    page = getSitebuilderURL() & "/ExternalLogin.ashx?Login=" & login & "&Password=" & password & "&ShowAdmin=true"

    'to the wizard page
    page = getSitebuilderURL() & "/ExternalLogin.ashx?Login=" & login & "&Password=" & password & "&SiteID=" & siteid

    In my case I want to connect the client immediately to the wizard page.