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MailEnable Mailbox Quota

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Windows Issue, Fixes, How-To' started by a1telcom, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. a1telcom

    a1telcom Guest

    I upgrade from Plesk 8.4 to Plesk 9 over the weekend, and to my surprise everything went very smooth.

    However, I am having a few issues that I can't find answers to. Every night Plesk suspends 5 domains saying, "Resource usage limits have been exceeded by this domain." When I click the exclamation to see the problem, I can't see anything wrong. I then tell Plesk to ignore the problem and it displays that the changes cannot be made due to the Mailbox Quota beening smaller than the domains current usage. I set the domains mailbox quotas to unlimited and it allow me to ignore the problem but the exclamation does not go away.

    I then noticed when I tried to change all 5 of the domains mailbox quota under the multiple domain management panel that, "Mailbox quota is not supported by mail server."

    I am currently using MailEnable Enterprise v3.6 and I have never had a problem in the past with Plesk and MailEnable working together.

    If anyone has a solutions to fix these problems I would appraciate the info.


  2. Arturo Cruz

    Arturo Cruz Guest

    Matt I have the same problem with the "Mailbox quota is not supported by mail server." message since I upgraded my plesk to 9.0, do you solve it yet??
  3. Tamouh Hakmi

    Tamouh Hakmi New Pleskian

    Mar 30, 2009
    Likes Received:
    As far as I can see in Plesk 9.0.1 that MailEnable quotas are in KB not MB and second there is mailbox quota, and total domain quota (Maximum mailbox quota sort of thing)