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Mailman delivery problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by WebDev90, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. WebDev90

    WebDev90 Guest


    I am a new user here and this is the first time that I use mailman as mailing list solution.

    I have a dedicated server on a German ISP (Strato) and mailman was preinstalled on my system.

    I just made settings for users and status of service as described below.

    - I have Plesk 7.5 on a Suse 9.3
    - Mailman was activated direct on Plesk interface. I do not installed anything manulaly.
    - When I create a list, list owner gets a notification msg.
    - When I add a user, this new user gets welcome msg.
    - Users would login direct web interface for mailman and can do any action direct there.
    - BUT when a user sends a msg to the list THERE IS NOT MSG DELIVERED TO THE LIST.
    - There is also no information list admin for any action.

    Is that a configuration problem, or general what is the problem and what can I do now?


    Cenk Eder
  2. jonathalia

    jonathalia Guest

    i have the same problem.
  3. dashaun

    dashaun Guest


    I'm almost similar. I was on an older version of Plesk, and needed to migrate the lists to the new version.

    I installed Mailman with the plesk updater.

    I created the list in the control panel then copied the filed from the list directory to the new server. Everything appeared to be working properly, since I am able to see all the users, and add/remove users with no problems.

    However, list not working.

    Creating another list using the control panel and sending out a test email failed as well. So it's not just the lists that I'm trying to "migrate".
  4. Georgie

    Georgie Guest

  5. mrbister

    mrbister Guest

    Has anyone talked to SWsoft regarding this issues - I mean what's the meaning using a control panel if you have to browse a kb and correct errors that has been known for MONTHS (years?)???
    Would you buy a car with as many bugs as Plesk have? Don't think so. If there's a problem with your car that was there when you bought it (brand new), do they charge 100USD/h to fix it? Don't think so...

    SWsoft: Please fix issues like this without having users to spend hours fixing it by ourselves. 5000 customers having this problem = 5000+ hours to fix the problem. Time is money - even for customers who buy the control panel. :rolleyes: