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Manually adding email account

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by nick7233, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. nick7233

    nick7233 Guest

    How do I manually add an email account into qmail in a way that is compatible with Plesk?

    I am trying to setup an email account for a subdomain ie joe@admin.example.com which from what I can see is not supported on the control panel. I have also tried setting up admin.example.com as a domain on its own - this works for email, however when I visit http://admin.example.com on the web I get the This is the Plesk default page message. The main domain example.com is also setup as a domain which I am guessing is interfering.

    I upgraded to Plesk 8, due to the aliasing support, however it also does not seem to do what I need - the mail works (so long as I have unique mail names between the main domain and subdomain) however I need two separate websites, along with subdomain email support.
  2. Lars@

    Lars@ Guest

    Plesk does not know the difference between a mail domain and a web domain.

    This (sub-)domain stuff and qmail is so f**ked up!

    :mad:Plesk-Hell™ kills my productivity©:mad:
  3. nick7233

    nick7233 Guest

    It seems that if you try to setup a domain name called lists.example.com it will not work because Plesk has ServerAlias lists.* in the conf.d/zz010_psa_httpd.conf file. I would guess it is the same with webmail.* also but have not tried it. Is there a way to bypass this automatic behaviour / disable mailman support?
  4. aaabyss

    aaabyss Guest

    This may be late coming but have you tried setting up the subdomain as a domain?
    NOT as a subdomain of the main.com but as a domain in and of itself.

    i.e. subdomain.main.com