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MAPS Service & SpamAssassin Question

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Spacey@, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Spacey@

    Spacey@ Guest


    I'm new to Plesk since 2 days. Got a Rented License with my rented server... Got Plesk 7.5.4 installed. It comes with Dr. Web & SpamAssassin on Suse 9.3. Earlier I used Confixx on the same box but now I switched...

    Already googled and searched the board here but didn't find the *right* answear for me.

    1) MAPS - I've got an option to enable MAPS and enter an value there. I know RBL and the stuff a bit and as far as I understood MAPS Service is now purchaseable by Trend Micro. No idea what "MAPS" in special now means. Is this *only* the service from Trend Micro? Are there free services available I can use there? On another server I used several free RBL's like Spamhaus and stuff... Can I use them somewhere in Plesk (MAPS?!!), Dr. Web or Spamassassin? I guess it's more an understanding-question of "MAPS"...

    2) SpamAssassin
    In my Admin-Controlpanel I got the SpamAssassin Config-Panel with little Options. I can enable "Personal" or "Server Wide" Settings. But when I enable one or both of them - My eMail-Users can't Access the greyd out "Spam Filer" Button in their eMail-Config-Pages. How's that working? :)

    Thanks for any hint for these newbie questions!

    Regards, Spacey :D
  2. Who-m3

    Who-m3 Guest

    Welcome to Plesk, and the Plesk Forums... I can't help with everything, but I'll gladly help with what I can.

    As for the MAPS question, question 1. This is accessable for any MAPS based service. You are not required to use Trend Micro's pay-for-use MAPS server.

    Question 2, I'm not fully able to answer. What I'd recommend you do is enable server wide and personal spamassassin settings, then check a e-mail client to make sure they have access to SpamAssassin's settings (from the admin panel, click on the client -> e-mail -> address, etc.). Can't say for sure that this will help, but it may get you started...
  3. Spacey@

    Spacey@ Guest


    Thanks for your answear!

    O.K. so it's a definition understanding problem. MAPS is not just the name for Trend Micro's Product - it means also other RBL services like Spamhaus, eh?!

    Any Service you'd suggest here?

    Yes, these were my steps as well but the Spam Filter Buttons for each Mail-Account are greyd our for me - even after activating server-wide and personal settings within SpamAssassin Settings in Admin Tab. I found out that after switching on both settings and THEN creating a new domain - the Spam Filter Button is active and useable. Now the question is how to activate it for existing domains. I can't find site-settings to activate SpamAssassin?!

    Regards, Spacey
  4. Who-m3

    Who-m3 Guest

    For MAPS, currently, I use list.dsbl.org

    For SpamAssassin, I can't tell you anything specific. It sounds like a minor bug, that's not quiet so minor when your customers want to attempt to block spam. I'd recommend doing a forum search for similar problems, someone else may have already encountered this and have the solution available. If not, perhaps someone else would be able to assist...
  5. Spacey@

    Spacey@ Guest

    Regarding MAPS:

    Can I use more then one entry in the PLESK interface or do I have to go through the config files manually for that? If doable via PLESK: How? Seperate them with "," or? The Admin handbook says nothing for the usage of more then 1 list.

    Another question: When I use RBL's (MAPS) here, will be recognized spam messages deleted immediately or just marked as spam and delivered?

    Regarding SpamAssassin:

    I finally found it: On the Mailbox-Management overview for each domain I've got to click on the little Icon "Mailbox management" and then enable Spam Filtering inside. It's tricky hidden... *sigh*

    Regards, Spacey
  6. ShadowMan@

    ShadowMan@ Guest

    Multiple MAPS/RBL servers: I believe that with the current version of Plesk you would enter them onto the line separating each with a semi-colon ";" and do not use more than about 8 maximum.

    Some earlier 7.5.x versions had a bug where it did not translate the semi-colon properly and ended up messing up the smtp_psa file entries, but I believe they fixed it in 7.5.3 IIRC