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MERAK Mail Server

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by knocx, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. knocx

    knocx Guest

    We can not switch to PLESK for win since it does not supports MERAK mail server , we have used every mail server on earth for win , but since 2001 we have been using MERAK and i can say that merak is the bect SMTP server ever !

    Merak has an easy and great api included + an inredible webmail + unbeliavable commanline tools + migraiton tool from other servers..more and more..and more...

    please plesk check it at www.icewarp.com

    Mail Enable seems good for starters, but not flexible for pros.

    We have been using PLesk reloaded for our linux servers , qmail performance is %10 of merak with the same resource allocations. If plesk supports merak we will switch linux mail servers to merak also . I hope Plesk supports fully distributed hosting infrastructure like the below config.

    Our plan is to use

    PLESK7 DNS+Merak SMTP 1 server
    Merak antivirus gateway server 1 server
    PLESK7 MSSQL 1 server
    PLESK7 IIS ,FTP, webstats...etc 5 servers (Win)
    PLESK7 Apache,FTP 3 servers (linux)
    MASTER PLESK 7 1 server

    Will such a config ever be possible? any ideas?

    we realy want to totally switch to plesk... really !

    Plesk Lover
  2. jaytee

    jaytee Guest

    We are working on support for Merak mail server right now. The main problem with it is actually a complete lack of response from Merak developers - we need to clarify a couple of things in their API, but so far we are unable to get an intelligent answer.

    So if anybody can get us in touch with Merak development, or may be bizdev person, please email me.
  3. Kasaretsho

    Kasaretsho Guest

    It would be good to have a step-by-step setup guide for novice users. The current manuals are too brief.

    As a new user of Plesk7 for Windows, I encountered a lot of issues for which I needed a better, more detailed explanation of how to do it. Especially the DNS (and nameservers ns1 and ns2) setup in combination with or without the Server 2003 DNS and how many IP addresses one needs. Still haven't figured it out completely. Is there any guide available?:confused:
  4. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

    Support is scheduled for 7.5 from what I can tell in the beta.
  5. Kasaretsho

    Kasaretsho Guest

    Thanks Sieb,

    Yesterday I downloaded the 7.5 beta, but did not have time to look at it.
  6. flyby

    flyby Guest

    Is it posible to installe merak on another server and still mange it from plesk?

    I have a merak running on a nother server so it would me nice to be albe to do so.. and spread the load.
  7. Jeomja

    Jeomja Guest

    we have merak mail professional, and finally got it installed with plesk.

    in no way was the install simple, because of the lack of support from plesk in the area of step by step instructions.

    it took a month of almost literal screaming before windows 7 flavor of plesk would recognize merak. by default plesk continued to give mail enable the green light.

    at first, fixes were short lived and lost after server reboot.

    we still have been unable to get rid of the horde webmail and between plesk and ice warp, 2 companies that continue to point the finger at each other.

    by default merak's wonderful webmail is located on port 3200 /mail

    i would like our hosted domains to be able to reach merak webmail by going to webmail.domain.com and not have to enter the port and directory.

    if anybody knows how to change from horde webmail to the merak webmail for plesk 7 windows, please let me know.

  8. arvin8

    arvin8 Guest

    about merak

    I'm using merak 8.0.3 with plesk 7.5 and I can tell that they work fine together.
    A few days ago the merak 8.2 was released and I upgraded sucsessfully but when I tried to uninstall the mailenable my plesk crashed and it could not be repaired. I had to setup my whole server form scratch.
    I must also note that the 8.2 is not installing, it only installs if you are upgrading.

    I beliave Merak 8.0.3 can be used safely with plesk 7.5.

    Question to Swsoft;
    Is there any plan for an update to integrate the latest merak 8.2 to plesk?