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Migration CPANEL 10 to PLESK 8

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by jackkalduu, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. jackkalduu

    jackkalduu Guest

    Iam trying to migrate from CPANEL 10 to PLESK 8

    I am stuck at the beginning . When I try to migrate I receive this error:
    Cannot send scout to the remote host

    Unable to connect to host …………: Connection refused

    What should I do?
  2. macrodot

    macrodot Guest

    try this...

    Before you try to migrate content, verify that the account on the server you're migrating from is a "sudo" account. Otherwise, you will get an error like this one when you try to migrate:

    Cannot send scout to the remote host
    Failed to execute scout.

    -To Add an Account to the "sudo" File on a Plesk Server
    In your browser, log in to Plesk (on your previous server) and verify that the user you want to use to transfer content has SSH access.

    -Log in to your server using SSH. At the command line, type su and use the password for the primary user ID on your server.

    -Once you have root access, type visudo to open the sudo file you need to edit. NOTE: Do not edit this file using the standard vi editor. Use visudo instead.

    -In the User Privilege section, add the following line, where "USER" is the user ID you created in Plesk: USER ALL=(ALL) ALL

    -Type :wq to close visudo.

    -After you add your account to the sudo file on the server you are transferring content from, you can connect to your new server and use the Migration Manager to transfer your content.
  3. jackkalduu

    jackkalduu Guest

    Ok thanks i forgot that I changed root port that was the problem for me. Now I have Got different one after migration and pointing dns I notice that all of my websites are working horribly slow. I just changed from cpanle to plesk the same datacenter and better server what can by wrong. Also I cant access websites like www.name.com only name.com ? Please help. ;(